Rubio Color Artists: the sky is the limit

Rubio Monocoat oil was created in our lab in Izegem, in the heart of West Flanders (Belgium), after years of development and intensive testing. This was partly due to the close cooperation between the lab, the sales staff and the users of our oil. 

The products find their way to the customer only after a rigorous testing phase in our lab. In the realistic test environment of the Rubio Academy, the different application methods are tested, consumption is measured and application times are monitored. After the treatment, there is a second test round, in which the resistance to liquids and scratches is tested. All these steps are necessary to ensure that an RCM product can meet the promises we make!

If you have a colour in mind that you can’t find in our extensive standard range, please contact your Rubio Monocoat sales person and, with the Rubio Color Artists, (s)he will be able to create the desired finishing for you in no time.
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