• Preparation

    Exterior wood is exposed to excessive dirt and deposits.
    It is crucial to thoroughly clean the surface before treating it with Rubio Monocoat oil.
  • Protection

    For finishing exterior walls, garden sheds and gates, wood is being used more and more, often combined with other materials. The wood can be protected in various ways, depending on the desired result. Rubio Monocoat has had Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector in its assortment with great success for years. It is a high-quality oil that protects and colours the exterior wood in one coat. Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector is available in 20 colours.

    But the Rubio® lab has also developed Rubio® WoodCream, an innovative wax cream for a long-lasting, breathable, and water-repelling protection of wood. Rubio® WoodCream is available in 27 colours and can be applied in one or more layers to achieve a semi-transparent, aged, or covering look on vertical exterior wood.

    the ultimate all-around product for all your exterior wood


  • Maintenance

    Rubio Monocoat products ensure lasting protection and maintenance of your wood and offers the required maintenance products to
    keep your oiled surfaces in top condition.

    ​Download here the maintenance brochure.


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