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  • Project of the month - February 2023
    The museum that ‘screams’ Rubio Monocoat
    With 400 000 works in its collection, the National Museum of Art in Oslo is Norway’s largest collection of art, architecture and design. But not just world-famous paintings such as “The Scream” by Edvard Munch are worth admiring in the museum. After all, the floors treated with Rubio Monocoat are also worth a look! Read more
  • Project of the month - January 2023
    Canadian Bay: an architectural gem by the sea
    From Belgium to Australia, Rubio Monocoat is everywhere. The picturesque Canadian Bay in Australia’s Mount Eliza is a beautiful place to live. What makes living there even more beautiful, is a solid protection of your wood with Rubio Monocoat oils. Read more
  • Project of the month - December 2022
    100% carbon neutral furniture
    Nick James Design from the UK is a furniture maker with a heart for the environment. His traditional wood workshop is therefore completely carbon neutral. To finish his furniture in an ecological way, he uses Rubio Monocoat products. Read more
  • Project of the month - November 2022
    Synagogue from 1893 renovated with Rubio Monocoat
    Synagogue Shomre Hadas or Dutch Synagogue was built in 1893 and was the first large synagogue in Antwerp (Belgium). Due to stability works, the original parquet had to be replaced. The new parquet was protected with a layer of Oil Plus 2C.
      Read more
  • Project of the month - October 2022
    Need to relax? That's what Island Rest is for!
    Your outdoor wood has to endure a lot. Quality protection therefore is essential. Of course, the protection should also be beautiful, especially on such a gorgeous project as Island Rest. Mission accomplished with the Hybrid Wood Protector, we think! Read more
  • Project of the month - September 2022
    This beautiful Rubio Monocoat finish strikes a chord
    Wood deserves to be well protected, especially when it comes to a beautiful musical instrument. This beautiful guitar from Canada was given a protective layer of Oil Plus 2C so that it can be played for years to come. Read more
  • Project of the month - August 2022
    Castle floor renovated with Rubio Monocoat
    Ter Borcht Castle in Meulebeke has existed for centuries, so it was high time to renovate the building. The oak and larch floors were treated with Oil Plus 2C in the colours Pure and White 5%. Read more
  • Project of the month - July 2022
    A floor renovation in the Hungarian Opera House? That calls for Rubio Monocoat!
    The Hungarian State Opera House was built in 1884 and was in urgent need of renovation in 2016. The Swedish floor in the impressive Auditorium was treated with Oil Plus 2C, giving it a quality protection. In addition, the original colour was reinstated. Read more
  • Project of the month - June 2022
    Put on the grill: our wood protection at a summer barbecue
    At Caspero Design, our Hybrid Wood Protector is literally put on the grill. Or next to it, anyway. Their teppanyaki bars are made from Afzelia tropical hardwood, which is protected with Hybrid Wood Protector. Whether they pass the test? Definitely! Read more
  • Project of the month - May 2022
    Celebrating an event in (Rubio Monocoat) style
    A stylish event location? That is Felix Oostende. Not only the historical aspect of the building and the successful furnishing make the location cosy, the finish with Rubio Moncoat completes the decor! Read more
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