Project of the month - October 2017

1 October 2017
“She” is a young company. Vasily Pepelyaev created a wide range of plates, serving boards, spoons, etc. to use in the kitchen. "She" is inspired by the beauty and harmony which woman are sending to our world! “She” products are not produced - they are created.

“We have been working with Rubio Monocoat for 2 years already. The choice to use Rubio Monocoat oil was one of greatest decisions we ever made. I decided to try it out and the effect was wonderful. The smell is like apple sauce.”

Besides cutting boards we are making other kitchenware, interior decorations and furniture from solid wood. Already 55 establishments in the center of Moscow serve all sorts of delicious food on our “She” boards.
Project details:
Product: RMC Oil Plus 2C
Colour: Charcoal / Walnut / Pure / Cotton White / Velvet Green
Wood type: Oak / Ash / Walnut
Designer: Vasily Pepelyaev

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