Project of the month - October 2019

1 October 2019

The gift shop modernized with Rubio Monocoat

The gift shop at the national museum in Qatar is a real gem. The architect Koichi Takada always likes to integrate a part of nature into his work. For this design, he was inspired by the Dahl Al Misfir, “the Cave of Light” in the heart of Qatar.

When you walk around the gift shop, you feel as though you’re walking through a canyon. The colour of the oak wood panels resembles a cliff and makes it look like sand-coloured rocks. The entire shop was lined with horizontal solid oak strips. Devoto Design designed the three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles of no less than 40,000 pieces. The shelves in the gift shop were incorporated into the flowing design to create one whole.

Because the museum is a popular place to visit, they decided to finish the wood with a flame-retardant oil system, namely Rubio Monocoat FR Oil System. This is the first flame-retardant oil system in the world with a Bfl-s1 certificate on oak (5mm top layer). To preserve the natural look of the wood, the colour R315 Natural was chosen.

The architect of this gem, Koichi Takada, said that without the craftsmanship and knowledge of master carpenter Claudio Devoto, this design would not have been possible. So all credits go to him.

Project details: Natural Museum of Qatar Gift Shops
Product: Rubio Monocoat FR Oil System 
Colour: N3156 Natural 
Architect & Design: Interior decoration: Koichi Takada Architects 
                                 Manufacture and installation: Devoto Design
Photography: Oscar Rialubin, property of KTA, courtesy of Devoto Design 


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