Project of the month - October 2018

1 October 2018

An instantly weathered grey look!

Rubio WoodCream or Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector?
Cream or oil? Are you going for a greyed look or rather for lively colours? There are many differences between our solutions to protect and colour your exterior wood. And yet they have something in common: they both offer a maximum protection!
Holzfreude GmbH used our Rubio WoodCream to protect their showroom and give it a greyed look. “Meanwhile it has been a year that we applied the Rubio WoodCream to our façade and we are still very happy with the result!”

Rubio® WoodCream is a water-based high-quality cream that greys vertical wood and makes it water-repellent, which shows itself in a long-term pearl effect. In addition to the water-repellency this pearl effect also has a self-cleaning function. Rain drops immediately slide down the wood, taking along the dust present on their way down. As a result, the vertical wood will look dirty a lot less quickly. The cream structure makes it very easy to apply to vertical applications, especially when overhead work is required.

“The application was indeed simple and we received very useful advice from the Rubio representatives! We did need a little more WoodCream than first calculated, as the wood hadn’t been sanded”, says Holzfreude GmbH.

Rubio® WoodCream is available in 7 grey tones that give the wood a weathered grey look. There is also a transparent version, which lets the wood grey naturally, but does provide protection and water-repellency.

“The colours #003 and #007 were applied to our showroom. The greyed colours matched our planned design perfectly!”
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Project details:
Product: Rubio WoodCream
Colour: #003 and #007
Wood type: Douglas fir

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