Synagogue from 1893 renovated with Rubio Monocoat

1 November 2022

Synagogue from 1893 renovated with Rubio Monocoat

Synagogue Shomre Hadas or Dutch Synagogue was built in 1893 and was the first large synagogue in Antwerp (Belgium). Due to stability works, the original parquet had to be replaced. The new parquet was protected with a layer of Oil Plus 2C.

A new herringbone parquet

The parquet in the synagogue had to be broken out as stability works had been carried out. The bema was the only place where the original parquet could be retained. Parquet specialist Luc De Pauw started from a new screed with mosaic sub-parquet on top and adjusted the size of the new herringbone accordingly. The herringbone in prime quality was supplied by Kerkhofs from Peer.

In total, this project involved as much as 400 m² of oak herringbone. To protect and colour this surface in one coat, they chose Oil Plus 2C in the colour Oak.

Tip of the month: place your colour sample directly on the installed floor

The colour samples were prepared by Rubio Monocoat's lab and then applied directly to the newly installed floor. This way, you avoid any colour difference between a loose sample and the actual colour on the floor. Such a colour difference can occur due to the wood itself or external factors such as lighting.

Testing the colour samples

Project name: Synagoge Shomre Hadas
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Product: Oil Plus 2C
Colour: Oak
Wood Type: Oak Prime
Flooring: Luc De Pauw (Parket De Pauw)
Photographer: © AF-Fotografie


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