Project of the month - March 2020

1 March 2020

Equine clinic covered in Rubio Monocoat

An equine clinic in Belgium? Yes, there is! VIA NOVA Equine is a specialized equine clinic in Bree (Belgium) that opened its doors in 2019. This clinic is more than just a clinic for horses, there is also a department of orthopedics, surgery and even scientific research.

VIA NOVA Equine takes the wellbeing of the horse as their central concern, that is why they have set up a rehabilitation center to guide the horse in the best possible way they can. At VIA NOVA Equine, not only the guidance of the horse is important, but also the wishes of the customer come first and are therefore always met.

The construction of VIA NOVA Equine took place on the site of an old riding school in Bree. Due to years of expansions and transformations, the riding school was an unordered site at the time. Today, VIA NOVA Equine is an ultramodern equine clinic that consists of, beside the clinic, a horse barn and an annex for seminars. On top of that, the buildings are connected via a beautiful square.

The look of the clinic was also a very important concern for VIA NOVA Equine. The exterior joinery and the cladding had to match perfectly. The choice was made to finish the wooden surfaces with Rubio Monocoat Sunprimer HWP, colour Charcoal in combination with Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector, colour Charcoal. By choosing these colours, the clinic was given a sleek and modern look.

Hans Verelst Architecten did not know our Rubio Monocoat products at the time but finishing company Baens was already familiar with Rubio Monocoat. “The products from Rubio Monocoat are qualitative and easy to use. Together with good support, every project with Rubio Monocoat turns into a pleasant collaboration with good results”- Hans Verelst Architecten.

Project details: Horse Clinic VIA NOVA Equine
Product: Rubio Monocoat Sunprimer HWP
               Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector
Colour: Charcoal
Wood type: Sipo
Architect & Design: Hans Verelst Architecten 
                                  Baens afwerkingsbedrijf
Photography: Hans Verelst Architecten 
                      Emiel Vercruysse

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