Project Of The Month - March 2018

1 March 2018
Rubio Monocoat? Absolutely convinced!

Cargo is a unique pop-up restaurant where you can get great food, first of all. Plus, you can really de-stress there, because Cargo is more than a pop-up restaurant. It’s also a meeting place where you can escape from the pressures at work for a while. The most noticeable thing about Cargo is its unique shape, because the pop-up restaurant is made of 9 shipping containers. Seven of the containers comprise the main floor and they stacked another two open containers on top of them to create a patio. These are fair, raw materials that can also be found in the interior. They create a friendly, warm, informal atmosphere.

The shipping containers were manufactured in three months and installed in a warehouse at the site in Veurne in one day. Everything was done quickly, but with a view to perfection. “Here Rubio Monocoat fits perfectly in this picture, of course: good service, quick and easy processing and very quick drying times”, according to the interior designers of Inside Building.

Inside Building has opted to use our RMC Oil Plus 2C. This unique oil colours and protects in one single coat and has a quick drying time of approx. 24 hours.
Inside Building had worked with Rubio Monocoat several times in the past. They were instantly convinced to entrust the treatment of the wood to Rubio Monocoat again. When asked if they would use our products again for other projects, the answer was “Absolutely convinced!”
Project data:
Product: Oil Plus 2C
Colour: Charcoal
Wood Type: Laminate floor with 4mm oak top layer


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