The Chef's p(a)lace

28 June 2023

The Chef's p(a)lace

If you’re thinking about food surfaces and safe wood protection, there’s only thing that comes to mind: Rubio Monocoat. It’s time to look at some amazing realisations! Ready for some classy kitchens and a very nice commercial project treated with safe Rubio Monocoat products?

Home-cooked meals

Who doesn't want a kitchen like that? Cooking here is a real joy! And thanks to the food safe finish of the wood, there's nothing to worry about.


Project name: The Buckley Apartment
Location: Singapore
Product: Oil Plus 2C
Colour: Black (floors), Castle Brown (kitchen)
Wood type: Burmese Teak (floors), Ash Veneer (kitchen)
Designer: Pupil Office
Copyrights: All images are photographed by and property of Studio Periphery
Featured in: Habitus Living, Design & Anthology, CNA Luxury
Sent in by: Lindis Chia

Restaurant Misera

Restaurant Misera doesn't only offer amazing fish and shellfish, it also offers a very intimate atmosphere. The concrete interior is perfectly combined with a soft touch of wood and makes for a great dining experience.


Project name: Restaurant Misera
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Product: Precolor Easy - Oil Plus 2C
Colour: Black - Charcoal
Wood type: Oak
Contractor & copyright: Brando, Design by Studio Bjorn Verlinde, Restaurant Misera Antwerpen
Sent in by: Bjorn Verlinde

Kensington cooking

With a kitchen like that, who wouldn't love to cook? The Charcoal colour and the oak veneer are a match made in heaven!



Project name: Kensington
Location: UK
Product: Oil Plus 2C
Colour: Charcoal
Wood type: Oak veneer
Architect: RJH Architecture
Kitchen design: Yeo Design
Sent in by: Olivia Newman
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