Project of the month - January 2022

1 January 2022
Three different colours for three wooden meeting room tables

A triple threat: fun and inspiration at the Rubio Headquarters

The head offices of Rubio Monocoat are expanding. We’re not only constructing a new building, we’re also adding some new meeting rooms. Of course, new tables were a must and it goes without saying that we wanted to make them ourselves. So on our very first Wood Makers Day we went to work, with this beautiful outcome as a result. With a little imagination, you could even recognise the Belgian flag!

Wood Makers Day

At the end of November 2021 we received some very special guests at the Rubio Headquarters. They were the first ever attendees of our Wood Makers Days. They were given a warm welcome and couldn’t wait for our workshop. After a brief explanation, they rolled up their sleeves and started sanding the tables and applying the oil. Finally, they were also encouraged to treat their own wooden objects with some products of their choice.

The making of the tables and application of our wood oil during our very first Wood Makers Days.

Three tables, three finishes

Since we are the King of Colours, we wanted to get creative ourselves. That’s why we chose to give our three tables three different colours of the Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C. Our large table from suar wood got treated with the colour Pure. The two small oak tables were transformed thanks to the colours Ruby and Black. To give the black table even more colour intensity, we first treated the wood with the Rubio Monocoat Precolor Easy in the colour Intense Black.

Tip of the month: the art of sanding

Are you working with poppy colours or a wood type with pronounced fibres, as was the case with our Ruby and suar table? Then the sanding method becomes even more important. It determines the final result: the smoother the surface, the less oil and pigments will penetrate into the wood. That results in a less coloured, and therefore less protected, surface. That’s why it’s best to sand with screening net 100 to 150 max for tables. Additionally, make sure that you sand equally. This way you avoid that certain spots absorb more or less oil and that you get a very uneven result.

The result of the three wooden tables

Project name: Wood Makers Day at Rubio Headquarters
Location: Izegem, Belgium
Product: Rubio Monocoat Precolor Easy - Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C
Colour: Intense Black - Pure, Ruby & Black
Wood Type: suar & oak


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