Castle floor renovated with Rubio Monocoat

1 August 2022

Castle floor renovated with Rubio Monocoat

Ter Borcht Castle in Meulebeke has existed for centuries, so it was high time to renovate the building. The oak and larch floors were treated with Oil Plus 2C in the colours Pure and White 5%.

The castle

The castle dates from the 17th century and has been occupied by hostile troops several times over the years. A renovation was therefore no luxury. The municipality bought the castle in 1965 and had it renovated to accommodate a catering establishment, meeting room, offices and a reception area. To prepare the castle for the numerous visitors, the floors were treated with Oil Plus 2C.

Treatment of existing and new floors

For the restoration of the existing floors, it was necessary to disassemble the parquet. The oak panel parquet was then reinstalled, sanded and finished with our Oil Plus 2C Pure. In the case of the oak Hungarian point, the ground had to be strengthened and levelled first, after which the parquet was put back in place. The floor was then treated with oil in the Pure colour, which will make maintenance much easier.

The Siberian larch plank floor was newly installed. The aim was to achieve as natural a result as possible. In this case, it is better to use a colour with white pigmentation for larch wood. The choice for the colour was therefore quickly made for White 5%.

From left to right: Panel parquet in oak (Oil Plus 2C Pure), Hungarian point in oak (Oil Plus 2C Pure), Siberian larch (Oil Plus 2C White 5%)

Tip of the month: major renovations on larch wood

Are you also planning to renovate and treat your floor with Rubio Monocoat? Then it is very important to completely remove all previous treatments before applying the oil. This allows the Oil Plus 2C to bind molecularly with the cellulose fibres of the wood. When treating large surfaces such as floors, it is also best to work in zones of 5 - 10 m². Make sure that you treat the edges first.

Are you also working with larch wood? Then it can be a challenge to get your floor completely scratch-free since larch is a rather soft wood type. If you apply WoodPrep to your larch wood after sanding, this problem can be solved.

Project name: Castle Ter Borcht
Location: Meulebeke, Belgium
Product: Oil Plus 2C
Colour: White 5%, Pure
Wood Type: Larch, Oak
Contractor: Geert Van Nieuwerburgh
Architect: Juxta architectuur
Photographer & copyright: F.C Lama
Sent in by: Olivier Ostijn


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