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1 August 2019

Wooden farewell chapel with contemporary character

The village cemetery Zgornji Tuhinj is located on the ridge above the Tuhinj valley in Slovenia. A unique place to build a farewell chapel. The building is not the typical kind of chapel we are familiar with. The farewell chapel was completely modernised. Now it is a place where people can find peace during their visit to the cemetery.

The building consists primarily of wood and has been finished with Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector, colour White – traditional. The architects from Tria Studio opted for white to give the chapel a warm and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, wood craft is a local tradition, which is why the basic structure is made of cross-laminated wood.

The building is split up into three parts that are connected with an awning. Two white volumes are formed and hidden behind a transparent wall, made of wooden pillars.

The middle part of the building is an open space with sliding doors, which offers a beautiful view of the eastern part of the valley. The sliding doors were placed to minimise the impact of the eastern winds that blow in the valley. In this part, people can relax.

The other two parts of the chapel are accessible via glass walls and are used primarily for funeral ceremonies.

Project details: Farewell Chapel Zgornji Tuhinj 
Product: Rubio Monocoat Hyrbid Wood Protector
Colour: White - Traditional 
Architect & Design: Contractor: Alfa Natura
                                 Architect: Tria Studio
                                 Pictures: Damjan Švarc


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