Enjoying the outdoors with these beautiful projects

5 April 2023

Enjoying the outdoors with these beautiful projects

Spring is inviting us outdoors, and so are these projects. The Forest Green cladding makes us want to take a stroll in the woods, the tables from Dreikant OG are just as stunning as the views that accompany them and the eco playground is perfect for kids to start playing outside again.

WoodCream cladding

It's great to see new projects of WoodCream reaching us and it's even greater to share them with the world!


Project name: WoodCream cladding "MUS"
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Product: WoodCream
Colour: Forest Green
Wood type: Platowood spruce FSC profile Paris
Supplier: Eurabo cvba
Architect: Martens Vancaimere
Contractor: 't Houtwerk
Copyright: Photography Marble Moon
Sent in by: Olivier Ostijn

Tables Dreikant OG

The tables from Dreikant OG are just as stunning as the settings they're placed in!


Project name: Unique tables from one tree trunk 
Location: Salzburg, Austria
Product: Oil Plus 2C / Hybrid Wood Protector
Colour: Pure, Natural
Wood type: 
-> Interior: Oak, walnut, ash, beech, chestnut, elm, maple
-> Exterior: Redwood, thermo ash
Copyright: Dreikant OG
Sent in by: Michael Thalhammer

Eco playground

Spring is also a perfect time for kids to play outside again. And where better than at a wooden playground with Toy Safe protection?


Project name: Community Eco-Playground with Discover Tanjong Pagar
Location: Singapore
Product: Hybrid Wood Protector
Colour: Pure
Wood type: Local African Mahogany (Khaya)
Copyright: Roger & Sons
Sent in by: Lindis Chia
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