Project of the month - April 2021

1 April 2021

Old and new, tradition and innovation come together in Haus Salzkammergut

Haus Salzkammergut has created a new workplace for clients, entrepreneurs and employees. They want people to meet each other at a modern location with plenty of room for social interaction. Rubio Monocoat Central Europe has also contributed to this great project. The building was completely overhauled and the exterior facade was given a Rubio look.

Protect the natural beauty of your exterior wood
Haus Salzkammergut decided to give the building's exterior facade a new look as well. The contractor tested various materials and surfaces and, together with the architect, came to the decision to use Rubio WoodCream. This product combines the aesthetics with the wood’s natural look.
Rubio WoodCream, colour Misty Grey #3 was chosen. This colour approximates the natural grey tone of the larch wood and ensures a harmonious transition. The colour Misty Grey #3 belongs to the Rubio WoodCream Grey Collection, a collection of grey tones for lovers of an aged or grey wood look. In addition to the Grey Collection, Rubio WoodCream also consists of two other colour collections that each contain nine beautiful colours, so there is something for everyone!

Rubio WoodCream protects the natural beauty of your exterior wood which is clearly visible in this project. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the realisation of this beautiful project: Innocad Architektur ZT GmbH, Hinterwirth Architekten ZT OG, Tischlerei Pachner and the photographer Paul Ott.

Project details: Haus Salzkammergut
Product: Rubio WoodCream
Colour: Misty Grey #3
Wood type: Sibirian Larch
Architect & Design:  Innocad Architektur, Hinterwirth Architekten, Tischelerei Pachner
Photography: Paul Ott

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