Project of the month - May 2018

1 May 2018

Impressive parquet behind the majestic façade of the Vienna Sacher Hotel

​The Sacher Hotel in Vienna just had an exciting year. You couldn’t see it, but behind the majestic façade of the hotel, they were working hard on renovating their seven suites on the first floor “bel etage”.  A lot was involved with the renovations, including laying a new floor. The old parquet was removed and new parquet, similar to the old one, was installed. Choosing the right colour was a tough decision, but the collaboration with Rubio Monocoat made it easier. Mikulecky & Söhne GmbH explains: “Together with the architect team, we had to find the right colour that would fit into the overall look of the suites. That meant the colour absolutely had to match the colour palette the architects had created. Fortunately, Rubio Monocoat really excels in providing service and assistance with the colour selection.” Rubio Monocoat prepared a few Oil Plus 2C colour samples for Mikulecky & Söhne GmbH to make it easier for the architects to compare and choose. In the end, a custom-made colour was chosen.

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is very popular with hotels, because it is very resistant to wear and tear, easy to maintain and water- and heat-resistant. That last feature makes it very suitable for use in bathrooms.

And the result is beautiful! The Oil Plus 2C that was used became a textbook example of its capacity to enrich the natural look of the parquet. This resulted in an impressive parquet floor that is completely in line with the style and design of the suite. As the Sacher Hotel owner himself says: “The renovated suites combine the characteristic historical mood with all the conveniences and comforts of the 21st century: the ideal Vienna experience!”

​Fun fact: it is no coincidence that the Sacher Hotel has the same name as Sachertorte. The founder of the hotel, Eduard Sacher, was the son of the inventor of the well-known Sacher Torte. The famous cake was prepared exclusively for the royal court for a long time and was later served for the first time in the Sacher Hotel. This cake has been one of the most famous culinary specialties of Vienna ever since.
Project details:
Product: Oil Plus 2C
Colour: custom-made
Wood type: Solid parquet, oak

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